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Craig Hryhorec

Craig has spent many years coaching throughout South Australia and Queensland coaching all aspects of gymnastics and circus arts. 

Leading up to his coaching career Craig represented South Australia at National level and also Australia at International Level.​

After completing his gymnastic career craig turned his eye to the world of entertainment performing as an acrobat/aerial artist. Craig has dazzled crowds throughout the world including Australia, USA, UK, Singapore, UAE, Japan, The Caribbean, The Baltics and many more.​

Craig's diverse acrobatic talent and drive to excel has seen him perform Aerial Silks, Aerial Straps, Bungees, Fast Track, Chinese Poles and Aerial Cable.​

Peri Kowal

Peri has been a member of Aerial Artists Adelaide from the outset, currently training in our senior aerial groups and is one of our leading performers in our professional production Le Aerial.

Peri is always highly driven, which has led to aerial quickly becoming her greatest passion. Peri's enjoyed applying her vast knowledge of teaching in the aerial world and is genuinely thrilled when students are are able to successfully achieve a maneuver or drop.

Peri spends her time away from coaching performing harp, travelling and spending time with her new baby girl.

Jamie-Lee Hicks

Jamie-Lee is Aerial Artists Adelaide's Aerial Lyra Coach.

Jamie-Lee has been a member of Aerial Artists Adelaide from the outset, currently training in our senior aerial silk group and is one of our leading performers in our professional production shows.

When she’s not coaching aerial Lyra classes, Jamie-Lee enjoys training on any piece of aerial equipment she can get her hands on and in particular her duo Lyra act.

With a Bachelor of design and a diploma of interior design, Jamie-Lee works as a marketing coordinator and stylist during the day. She has a naturally creative character, which goes hand in hand with her career as an aerial artist.  In her free time, she enjoys painting, reading and riding her motorcycle.

Nadine Hutchison

Nadine has been a member of Aerial Artists Adelaide since 2015. She currently coaches adults in both aerial silks and lyra, and previously coached our junior aerialists in these apparatuses. She loves getting to know her students and helping them develop into strong, graceful aerialists. Nadine trains in our senior aerial silks and lyra groups and has performed in various Aerial Artist Adelaide Showcases and in 2020’s Aerial Unleashed. She has a strong passion for aerial due to the challenging, yet highly rewarding nature of the art and has recently began working on her new apparatus, the aerial cube. Aside from aerial, Nadine is completing her Clinical Psychology PhD at Flinders University. In her spare time, she enjoys travelling and hanging out with her friends and family (including her doggos and cat).

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Olivia Baker

Olivia coaches junior aerialist in aerial silks. Originally a gymnast, Olivia began training at Aerial Artists Adelaide in 2016, starting with aerial silks and then developing her skills through birdcage, sphere and net which she has performed for the Le Aerial shows. Olivia now trains in the advanced silks groups and beginner straps. Olivia really enjoys helping young aerialists to learn new skills and develop their confidence. Outside of aerial, Olivia studies Occupational Therapy at Flinders Uni and works at Out of School Hours Care and Vacation Care.

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